China OEM PGA Series Auger Drive Planetary Gearbox for Feed Mixer with Hot selling

PAG Modular Auger Drives For Trailed Vertical Feed Mixers & Stationary Machine (Biogas)

To avoid the start-up problems of the mixer trucks and ensure that they always operate at the best auger speed, Ever-power has developed the PGA automatic reduction gearbox. During loading and unloading, the PGA automatically adjusts the auger speed according to the weight in the mixer without manual shifting. Instead, it automatically shifts according to the weight pre-programmed in the PGA application to prevent overload of the feeder mixer’s drive line and the tractor’s PTO shaft and save time and fuel. Due to automatic switching at the correct time, the feed mixer does not run at excessive full speed, which can save up to 30% of fuel. More importantly, relatively light tractors are well suited for this job. “Thanks to PGA, I saved 25% of my fuel. This investment will pay back quickly,” said dairy owner Cees middleware.

Model Continuous Torque Nm Max torque Nm Input speed rpm Ratio(Min-Max)i Input Shaft
PGA-502 3810 7620 540 12.36-15.51 1″3/8 Z6
PGA-1002/3 8500 17000 16.8-30.6 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-1202 11600 23200 11.1-19.4 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-1602/3 15700 31400 13.4-47.5 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-1702/3 15700 31400 13.4-47.5 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-2102/3 21000 47000 12.1-62.1 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-2502 23780 48000 13.6-23.6 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-3003/4 30760 61520 25.7-84.4 1″3/4 Z20
PGA-4203 42000 142000 27.8-91.4 1″3/4 Z20

Main benefits:

  • Fuel saving up to 30%
  • The mixing process starts quickly
  • Always enjoy the highest mixing speed
  • Drive nondisruptive
  • Autoshift
  • Smaller tractors can be used
  • Extend the service life of PTO coupling; Low starting torque
  • No vibration in the drive
  • No manual shift, high comfort

PAG Modular Auger Drives For Self-propelled Vertical Feed Mixers & Stationary Machine (Biogas)

Model Continuous Torque Nm Max torque Nm Ratio(Min-Max)i
PGA-1603 15700 31400 24.4-116.9
PGA-1703 15700 31400 24.4-116.9
PGA-2103 21000 47000 31.8-126.5
PGA-2503 23780 48000 35.7-142.2
PGA-3004 30760 61520 97.4-612.3
PGA-4204 42000 142000 105.4-662.8

The planetary gearboxes produced by HZPT provide the rotation of feed mixers and biogas plants.
The planetary gear transmission adopts a solid and compact design, which is easy to install in:

  • trucks
  • self-propelled machine
  • fixed machine
  • it ensures the operation of feed and biogas applications.

Advantages of the planetary gearbox

  •  modular design for easy installation
  •  high peak torque capacity
  •  lubricated upper bearings ensure faster, unobtrusive performance
  •  wide range of 16.32:1 ratios for versatile performance
  •  labyrinth seal protection for increased durability and stability
  •  easy maintenance of industrial gearbox due to modular design
  •  high-performance output, compact size
  •  The planetary gearbox is characterized by a fast cleaning speed.




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